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Members Club Training Nationwide

Welcome To Security Guard Licensing Group & Marketing Security Guard Companies

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Nationwide Security-Affiliates Program For Security Guard Training & Security Guard Companies

Introducing ” The Power Of Video Marketing In A Security Guard Company & Security Guard Training School- Affiliates Program.”

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Our Sister Company: Security Guard Licensing Group

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Don’t be left behind join us now

Looking to increase your sales, student enrollment, and working with the most Progressive company, then your search has come to an end. Were are always looking for Professional Training Schools &  Security Guard Companies that have the same work ethics as we have. If that sounds like your company, we would love to hear from you.

What Makes Nationwide Security Different From Others: Our Marketing Program

-Affiliates Video Programs-

Nationwide Security  Overall Benefits

  • Marketing Techniques: THE LESS YOU SPEND WITHOUT SACRIFICING  QUALITY OF SERVICE: THE MORE PROFIT TO YOU. We will provide all the Marketing Techniques for your Training School or security company .Let Nationwide Security and Security Guard Licensing Group  provide the Marketing Program Online (Internet) and off line, answering phones and explaining your programs. The goal is to allow you to focus on giving the most professional instruction to your students or clients  and let Nationwide Security and Security Guard Licensing Group market your Security Training School and Security Guard Company to the next level, MORE PROFITS for you.

  • We will always have the best placement First  Page  on Google  YouTube,and all other Search Engines. 100% OF THE TIME

  • Nationwide Security, and Security Guard Licensing Group  will both be  working for   your Company and help build your future.

  • We are considered to be  the most progressive Security Guard and Training Schools developing new concepts every day. Quality of service is what each client  should expect and that is what we will deliver to each client will received BY WORKING WITH YOU.

  •  Training Affiliates and Security Guard Companies offer the most advanced security courses, including Security Guard Licensing, Tactical Training, and Civilian Conceal Carry Classes, plus many more services. We will also be promoting your school during our discussion with each student.

  •  Training Instructors have a diverse background, including Competition Shooting, Defensive Training,  Military and Law Enforcement Experience. In addition they are all State Licensed and Certified in the state they work in. Such information if it applies will be discussed with each student. 

  • Profitability: Have you ever had empty seats in any of your classes. If you have experienced that hard fact, then our goal is to make every effort to not let that happen again.  If your class has always been full, then our responsibility is to grow your business to the point of you getting a larger facility.

  • Have you ever used Pay Per Click: That can be very expensive. Using Security Guard Licensing Group and Nationwide Security  you only pay when we sent students to you for training or when we sign a Security Guard Contact for security services.

  • When a student comes to your Training School  he or she is there for two reasons, Security Certification and Employment. Working with us  students will have access to one of the largest security guard job placement data base. This is certainly one of the best motivational selling techniques, Job Placement. Train Today–Secure Your Future.

  • Boosts Conversions & Sales

  • Builds Trust

  • Google Loves Videos

  • Appeals To Mobile Users

  • Videos Explains Concepts in a more enjoyable & understandable way

  • Viewers prefer watching video & it improves your Google Page Ranking plus even The Laziest Buyer into the picture

  • Captivating your audience’s Attention 

  • Videos are four times more likely to be viewed than reading.

If you are interested in joining one of the most progressive and innovated Security Guard Licensing organization then don’t hesitate. Call our corporate office today. Lets talk about what Security Guard Licensing Group can accomplish for your business and how we can make your life a little more enjoyable and profitable.

Final Thoughts

Our Affiliates Programs have the potential to attract 3 time more organic inbound links and drive 200-300% more unique monthly website visits & increase potential clients.   At the present time our websites combined  have over  5000 visitors per month and  Face Book has also over 5000 likes and going up.

That being said its time to Contact Us.

Welcome To Members Club Training Program Nationwide

If you are looking for a career in the Security Industry then this program is  ESSENTIAL.  The  purpose of the program is to move you along the Security Officer position, Supervisor position and then Management position.

Train Today & Security Your Future in one of the Fastest Growing Industry

Introducing Exclusive Security Guard  Training Nationwide

Classes incorporated into this Members Club Training Nationwide  are directed towards Supervisory & Management Positions Nationwide.

This program will start you from the Beginning of your Career as a Security Officer into your Supervisory & Management Positions.


Having your Exclusive Members Club Training Nationwide  you will be eligible for many fantastic training programs, at a substantial savings and available Nationwide

All you need to do to enroll in to the Club is fill out the Registration Page for the class you would like to attend.

The first class we are offering is titled Exclusive Security Guard Training: After completion of the program you will receive a Certification for this course.  This will certainly help with your Chosen Security Career. The more certification you have the more qualified you will be for that security position.

This course is online and  available 24/7  made up of (5)  videos, with a quiz after each video and then a final exam.

Your results and Certification will be emailed to the email address on your Registration Page.

This course is valued at $110.00  YOUR COST IS ONLY $45.00

Train Today and Security Your Future

Good Luck

Enrollment Into 

Introducing Exclusive Security Guard  Training

Registration:  Create New Account: Login To Program

Introducing Exclusive Security Guard  Training Nationwide

Course Overview

  • How to act as a deterrent while patrolling
  • What security officer’s purpose is
  • How to reduce liability
  • Legal authority limitations
  • Courtesy and honesty
  • The observe and report requirements
  • Time and attendance
  • The do’s and don’t of a security officer
  • And much more

Introduction To Patrolling I & II

  • The purpose of Patrolling
  • How to handle emergencies
  • How to report incidents and situations Answering the telephone
  • Patrolling techniques
  • Inside and outside patrolling and the differences
  • And many more

Arrest Techniques

  • Felonies and misdemeanors
  • Overview of legal authority
  • What constitutes and arrest
  • When is an arrest legal or illegal
  • What is a citizen arrest
  • Questioning a suspect
  • Searching procedures
  • And many more

Report Writing

  • Note taking
  • The purpose of the report
  • Types of reports
  • Accountability in reports
  • Reports and litigations
  • Using reports to testify
  • Daily report
  • Incident report


Drop us an email and let us know what you thought about the program and  list additional subject matter you would like to review.

Thank you Security Guard Licensing Group and Nationwide Security

 Train Today Secure Your Future



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